Ring die vertical pellet mill 1t/h

Description of pellet mill:

Vertical pellet mill is one of the biomass molding equipment. It can make powdered biomass materials into pellets.
The starting materials for the production of pellets are pressed by the pressing roller in the matrix.
Due to the pressure and friction in the matrix, the starting materials are heated to a high temperature (nearly 60~80 °C). 

As a result of pressure and temprerature increasing, the materials were compressed into pellets. The output pellets will have very high strength after cooling.

Specifications of pellet mill:

ModelPowerCapacityPellet dia.WeightSize (cm)
HKL400-3737kw0.3-0.5 t/h4-12mm2.2 t130*100*230
HKL400-4545kw0.5-0.6 t/h4-12mm3.2 t163*100*240


0.6-0.8t/h4-12mm4.1 t180*130*230
HKL450-7575kw0.8-1.1 t/h4-12mm4.5 t200*130*240
HKL450-9090kw1.2-1.5 t/h4-12mm5.2 t230*140*310

Advantages of vertical pellet mill:

1. Gearbox: driving with high-precision gears, anto-matic lubricant pump system to keep the gearbox working
stability. The warranty of the gearbox are 5 years.
2. Electrical motor: vertical design for the motor, mounting hole with output as the center, equidistant
distribution around, more powerful and stability of machine working.
3. Blower system: Located in one side of work bin, free control the working time, the main function is dedusting
and discharge steam.
4. Working parts: ring-die and roller materials are alloy steel, after heat treatment, the hardness is more than 52. 
5. The serivice time can be 1800~2000 hours. The roller working manner is from inside to outside press,
centrifuga force and extrusion pressure together, producedmore capacity. And the special design is 4-rollers working,
to increase press rate. Ring-die is vertical double-deck structure. It means you can use one mould with
different hole size.

Pictures of pellet mill: