Chicken Feed Mixer

Chicken Feed Mixer
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What is feed mixer machine

Vertical mixer has a variety of forms, commonly used vertical mixer mainly by: motor wheel, motor, barrel, screw, outlet, cleaning mouth, pulley, window, ladder, entrance, electrical box, , Feeding mouth and other components.

Mainly used for the mixing of raw materials, the use of polypropylene plate liner or stainless steel plate, therefore, easy to sticky material. Wear resistance, the use of cycloid reducer with a compact structure, easy operation, mixing evenly, discharge and other convenient delivery characteristics. Supporting the use of organic fertilizer production line.

Working principle editor

The work of the vertical mixer is the rapid rotation of the screw from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top of the lift, and then scattered to the umbrella fly, back to the bottom, so that the raw material in the bucket up and down the rolling stir, a short period of time can be a large number Raw material is mixed evenly.

Job features editor

Automatic running timing, motor ground protection, feeding limit alarm (optional).

Equipment and raw materials are part of the contact materials are made of stainless steel, clear material is easy to rust.

Jin Changtai using built-in or separate installation, so that raw materials or powder and bearing separation, not easy to stuck, greatly extending the bearing life.