CE Approved Animal Feed Pellet Mill

Product introduction: It can make the fullest use of natural resources, have good rigidity, perfect smoothness, long shelf life and standard degree of moistness. Specification of pellet mill Model Power Die Diameter Die Hole Size Feed Capacity Wood Capacity Packing Size KL120C 2.2KW, 220V 120mm 2.5-10mm 60-100kg/h 40-60kg/h 80*35*74cm KL150C 4KW, 380V 150mm 2.5-10mm 90-120kg/h 50-90kg/h 80*35*74cm KL200C 7.5KW, 380V 200mm 2.5-10mm 200-300kg/h 110-140kg/h 100*46*95cm KL230C 11KW, 380V 230mm 2.5-10mm 300-400kg/h 150-190kg/h 114*48*105cm KL260C 15KW, 380V 260mm 2.5-10mm 400-600kg/h 220-280kg/h 123*53*107cm KL300C 22KW, 380V 300mm 2.5-10mm 600-800kg/h 300-360kg/h 128*80*105cm KL360C 22KW, 380V 360mm 2.5-10mm 700-900kg/h 300-380kg/h 134*58*106cm KL400C 30KW, 380V 400mm 2.5-10mm 900-1100kg/h 400-550kg/h 152*60*115c