Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine
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Biomass Feed & wood pellet mill

Model: MKL40-37,MKL40-45, MKL40-55,MKL40-75, MKL40-90


1) the Model number means the diameter of the flat die of the feed pellet machine

2) the diameter of the final product pellet is Φ4-12 mm.

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1).The new product HKL series “double vertical ring-die pellet mill”, Research, design, produced by ourselves, With alone shape, more reasonable structure and stability, Professional for Wood, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo and Palm fiber etc.


2).Gearbox: continue the New generation gearbox, Driving with high-precision gears, Automatic lubricant pump system keep the gearbox working stability and warranty period.


3).Vertical motor: the most characteristic is mounting hole with output shaft as the center, equidistant distribution around, More powerful and stability of machine working.


4).Blower system: located in one side of work bin, free control the working time, the main function is dedusting and discharge steam.


5).Working parts: Ring-die and rollers materials are alloy steel, heat treatment made by ourselves, hardness more than 52,In this hardness can assure the pelleting quality and warranty time, working manner is from inside to outside press, centrifugal force and extrusion pressure together, produced more capacity, at the same time assure hardness and density, the special design is 4 to 8 rollers working, Increase press rate then increase capacity, Ring-die is “vertical double-deck” structure, it can use one mould with same hole size for working life increased, moreover it can use one mould with different hole size for saving the money for another size mould.

MKL ring die pellet mill-1.jpg

1.This series machine can be powered by diesel engine and electric engine.

2.We adopt the new design of direct connection of motor shaft and he main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time using.

3.High accuracy gearbox and high output.

4.It is widely used in large,middle, small scale aquatic. food and feed processing factory,

 livestock farm, poultry farm, individual raisers, middle and small farm.

5.International advance steam fittings and imported pressure reduction valve.

6.Flat die is made with international advanced equipment for long lifespan.

7.Drive with heavy duty gearbox, which can produce continuously in most adverse condition.