Wood Sawdust Wood Pellet Making Machinery

Wood Sawdust Wood Pellet Making Machinery
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Flat Die Pellet Machines


Our flat die pellet machines can be devided into two series, KL series and MKL series pellet machines. Our
KL series pellet machins can both make feed pellets and wood pellets, but the capacity of wood pellets is
lower than that of making feed pellets. Our MKL series pellet machines has the special design for making
wood sawdust pellets.
Our pellet machines can be driven by electrical motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and tractor for your
choices. All of our KL-P series pellet mills are driven by the tractor.


 PTO Tractor Driven pellet machine--MKL229P roller moving type

2. Output: 220-280kg/h.
3. Power:   Driven by tractor.
4. The size of the final pellets: 2.5-10 mm, if you make animal feed pellets, 2.5-4 mm is better. If you make the wood pellets, 6 and 8 mm is better.
5. Pellet length :which can be adjusted  by adjusting knife within range of 1-5 cm.
6. We sell the pellet machine pto without the tractor.
7. Weight(without of thr tractor): 230kg
The Specific Parameters of MKL-P Series Pellet Mills
Model Power Die Diameter Die Hole Specification Feed Capacity Saw Dust Capacity
MKL225P 18-28HP 230mm 2.5-10mm 300-400kg/h 150-190kg/h
MKL229P 28-45HP 260mm 2.5-10mm 400-600kg/h 220-280kg/h
MKL295P 45-55HP 300mm 2.5-10mm 600-800kg/h 300-360kg/h
MKL335P 50-150HP 360mm 2.5-10mm 700-900kg/h 300-380kg/h
MKL395P 50-150HP 400mm 2.5-10mm 900-1200kg/h 400-550kg/h

Advantages of PTO Pellet Machines

1).Simple structure, wide adaptability, covers a small area, low noise. High efficient and low consumption 
2).Powder feed, grass meal doesn't need or with a little liquid, then can be making for granulation.So basic to the
moisture content of grain feed granulating before the moisture of the materials, more conducive to storage.
3).Chicken, duck, fish, cattle.pig, birds, dog, etc, than the mixed powder feed can obtain higher economic benefits.
4).Dry processing, the production of feed particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve the
digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Widely Applications of PTO Pellet Mills

It is used for pressing materials such as grain, firewood, stalk, tree branches, wood meal, fruit hull, palm and tailing of
cotton plant, and widely used for recycle of livestock farms, biomass fuel plant, power plant, wood processing plant,
fertilizer plant, chemical plant, food plant and cotton plant. PTO pellet machines can be driven by tractor more easily,
work outside.

Why Choose Our PTO Pellet Mill
Compared with other types of pellet mill, PTO wood pellet mill are more small in volume and light in weight, the machine is movable. PTO driven pellet mill is powered by the tractor and others are powered by engines which makes the machine is more suitable for farm use. Relatively high working efficiency. The PTO driven pellet mill have a relatively high working efficiency than other types of wood pellet mills considering the energy it use.
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