Pellet Machine Production Is Insufficient, The Main Motor Full Load


(1) Due to add too much steam (refers only to particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity of the material)

(2) Due to thick ring mold

(3) Due to poor steam quality, high water content

(4) good quality materials were not fully

(5) pressure roller and ring mold of the gap is too large

(6) pressure roller and ring mold excessive wear

(7) or a bad recipe pulverized particle size is too large


1. At least add some steam

2. The thickness of the ring mold and the material should be used to adapt

3. The steam supply system should be re-adjusted

4. Increase the amount of steam added or extended quenching time

5. Re-adjust the gap

6. Replace the press roller and ring mold

7. Adjust the recipe or replace small aperture sieve