Particles institutions to build instructions

1, the main body: body is an independent rectangular cylinder, the device on the bearing seat connected with powder bucket, powder hopper into the body, which is equipped with v-shaped chassis, the wide and flat on the ground, so must be under installation, can be arbitrary placed indoor use.

2, granule manufacturing device: rotating drum lying under the powder bucket, before and after the bearing pedestal, it through the transmission rack, reversing rotation, before end of bearing cover is activity type, when installation, as long as a wing nut, screw down bearing cover and rotating roller can be pulled out and placed at both ends of the cylinder has a convex square ring, embedded bearing indoor, so don't make smeary infiltration FenZi and not be stopped.

3, reducer: USES the worm gear drive, to 1:12 ratio, can be in the store the oil, ensure good lubrication performance of the gear and without noise, box on the sight glass can be observed, the workings of the observation and the oil reserves, worm gear and is equipped with eccentric shaft, drive rack for reciprocating motion.