Family Use Small Hammer Mill Crusher

Family Use Small Hammer Mill Crusher
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Introduction of the smallest CF158 and CF198B hammer mill


Hammer mill is the most ideal milling equipment of all kinds of wood piece, straw,

grass, stalk, tree branches, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scraps, corn stalk, peanut shell,

wheat stalk, wood fuel, cotton stalk, biomass shell and so on. This kind of hammer mill  is widely used in foddor factory, swine farm, wood factory etc.  

Hammer  mill is equipped with high carbon steel blade. The raw materials can be crushed into straw

Particles which diameter is 3-5 mm. The durable hammer mill works with high efficiency andgains more good reputation from all over the world. 

Specification of the CF158 and CF198B hammer mill



Wood capacity

Feed capacity

N/G weight

Packing size


2.2kw 220v/380v






4kw 380v





Features of CF158 and CF198B hammer mill

1. small size,simple structure and easy to operate

2. high quality and cost performance, good reputation

3. driven by electric motor, suitable for home use and fast delivery

4. move easily, save space

5. CF198 with cyclone, used to collect finished particles to prevent dust leakage

6. Manufacturer with more than 22 years experience

Working principle of the CF158 and CF198B hammer mill

1. There are three main parts in the whole wood hammer mill: feed hopper, grinding cell, winding system. Cyclone is sold separately which can be used to collect wood particles and dust and reduce its harm to human.

2. While working, wood material is feed into the crushing chamber though feed hopper. Crushed by high speed rotating hammer, large particles hit the gears with strong impact force. Get repetitive collision and friction press from hammers and gears, raw material is gradually being ground into small chips and sawdust.

3. These light wood particles are blowing out wood hammer mill with the help of winding machines. If there is not cyclone on your machine, light wood chips will be blowed everywhere and you should place a dust bag to gather them. If your wood hammer mills are equipped with a cyclone, these crushed wood chips will be automatically separated from strong airflow.