Electric Hammer Mill For Family Use

Electric Hammer Mill For Family Use
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Electric Hammer Mill For Family Use

the hammer mill can grind the wood chip into sawdust .

it require the raw material size below 5cm in diameter.

that is to say if your material length is 2M *wideth 5cm. there is no problem to use the hammer mill .

the hammer mill technical data as below 


Wood capacity


Feed capacity


Packing size


N/G weight



Features of the hammer mill

  1. This machine has a large production with capacity 800kg-3500kg/h, which can satisfy your daily needs.

  2. It has many applications and is suitable for various kinds of materials as choose a different speed frequency controlling.

  3. you can adjust the gap between hammers and screen to achieve coarse and fine grinding.

  4. This machine is designed with two concussion parts, when one breaks down, you can use the other one instead.

  5. The crushed material can be collected and taken to next processing machine directly since the machine is equipped with a air blower.


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