Home-use Pellet Mill To Make Pellets For Animal Feed And Wood

Home-use Pellet Mill To Make Pellets For Animal Feed And Wood
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Scope of Application of semi-covered  E-motor feed pellet mill

KL series semi-covered  E-motor feed pellet mill pellet mills are appropriate for compressing a variety of fibrous biomass material: corn (maize) husks, peanut shells, rice husks, corncobs, cotton seed hulls, wheat, sunflower seed shells, sawdust, cotton stalks, weeds, house refuse, waste plastic and similar types of factory waste. It is also suitable for raw materials which are otherwise difficult to pelletize owing to low bonding ratios. All of organic bacterial manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be also pelletized by our machines at low temperatures.

Advantages of semi-covered  E-motor feed pellet mill:

1. Reliable, versatile and efficient

2. ISO and CE certified

3. Potential for 24 hour continuous running

4. Competitive price with excellent quality

5. Low energy consumption and less manpower

6. Durable spare parts

7. Simple, automated operation

8. Easy maintenance

9. Advanced technological design requiring less labor

10. Stable and durable functionality

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