Peanut Pressing Shell Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine

Peanut Pressing Shell Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine
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1-5 Tons Wood Pellet Production Line

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We can make pellet making line from 500kg/h to 5000kg/h which is included crusher, dryer, pellet maker , cooling , packing and other auxiliary equipments. The whole line is compact structure, small occupation, low consumption and high efficiency.

(1)wood chipper( crush the wood into chips)

(2)dryer ( dry the raw material to proper moisture before making pellets)

(3)hammer mill (crush the chips into power)

(4)Pellet making( press raw material into pellets)

(5)Cooler( cool down pellets and remove some moisture)

(6)sieve(remove dust, and broken pellets)

(7)Package (pack pellets into bags of required weight)

The above is standard pellet making line process, some processes are alternative and

adjustable according to different raw material and requirement of clients.

Ring die pellet mills are of vertical structure and they combine with the flat die pellet mills’ vertical feeding method. The original circle structure of ring die pellet press is specially designed for those wood materials like gum wood, palm which are hard to press. Because the proportion of the materials is light,so vertical feeding method is selected. In addition, due to the nice stability of circle structure ring die pellet mills, thus the design adopts combination of ring die and flat die. Ring die pellet mill has both advantages and disadvantages. There are three main advantages:

Large production, nice pellet forming shape and high density( 1-1.3%).

No additives are needed while pelletizing.

The roller and ring die are of balanced wear. The main disadvantage is the relatively high power consumption.

In a word, ring die wood pellet mills advantages are the flat die wood pellet mills disadvantages, and vice versa. You must consider all the factors that will limit your production carefully. I hope this article will be of a little value for you. If you have interests, welcome to contact with us. We are professional and reliable enough.

We also call it complete pellet production line;compelete wood pellet production line; wood pellet production line ;feed pellet machine line