wood sawdust pellet machine,

 wood sawdust pellet machine Advantages

1. With reasonable design and compact structure. The PTO wood pellet mill is designed to be connected and disconnected easily.

2. Easy and convenient to use. Since the machine can connected with the tractor, so it is easy to move the PTO pellet mill .

3. Low energy consumption and high efficient. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is powered by the tractor, it can work continuously and use less energy.

4. With a competitive price. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is without power engine, so the price the lower and the farmers can take advantage of their tractors to be used as the power.

5. Can customized according your requirement. We have 8 different models of PTO wood pellet mill in different size and production capacity, we can offer you PTO pellet mill according to your requirement.

Technical Data
ModelPowerDie DiameterDie Hole SpecificationSaw Dust CapacityFeed CapacityPacking Size
KL120P6-10HP120mm2.5-10mm40-60kg/h60-100kg/h50*41*76 cm
KL150P6-12HP150mm2.5-10mm50-90kg/h90-120kg/h57*44*76  cm
KL200P10-18HP200mm2.5-10mm110-140kg/h200-300kg/h77*56*102 cm
KL230P18-28HP230mm2.5-10mm150-190kg/h300-400kg/h77*56*102 cm
KL260P28-45HP260mm2.5-10mm200-280kg/h400-600kg/h77*56*105 cm
KL300P45-55HP300mm2.5-10mm300-360kg/h600-800kg/h77*80*106 cm
KL360P50-60HP360mm2.5-10mm300-380kg/h700-900kg/h77*80*106 cm
KL400P50-70HP400mm2.5-10mm400-550kg/h900-1100kg/h77*80*106 cm