Which Market Suitable For Wood Pellets?

    Many people want to enter this industry, wood pellet machine. But many people have worried in the early investment of wood pellet market, actually do not need to worry about this problem. Such as power plants in various regions, some cities of Bath Hotel all need wood pellets to supply all kinds of energy. The other is the foreign market demand is very large, such as Korea, Europe and demand is very large particles, the acquisition of biomass particles thousand tons per month.

    Also we need to look more serious haze, the response of government policy ban on coal city. For example, a city in Hebei, Jiangsu, Jinan, Beijing and other very much, after all, biomass burning coal particles is a very good method instead. So that customers can not find an appropriate look at some places.

Specifically, such as schools, businesses, hospitals, research institutes Boiler this place a look. Places like this are generally not use coal.

    This is the environment in need of treatment of citizens in each city needs to do to obligations, with the more stringent national call to ban coal, grain market may be bigger and bigger, so are they said do not worry about the problem of wood pellets market .