waste wood biquette machine biomass stick machine

1. The Brief Description of briquette machine 

Sawdust and wood waste is the commonest so called rubbish in sawmill,but it is good biomass material.Briquetteing is the way to convert loose biomass materials,such as sawdust,straw,and rice husks into high density solid blocks or bars that can be used as efficient fuel.Sawdust and wood waste is one of the best material for high pressure briquetteing mainly because sawdust contains a high proportion of lignin,which functions as glue when briquetting,and that sawdust doesn't need to be ground before briquetting.


briquette machine is to use jute sticks,sawdust,crop straw,husk etc.biomass material,raw materials through wood grinder under the action of the propeller and the heating coil temperature and high pressure area will form a loose processed into hollow rods.The product has a large density,small volume,combustible,and can replace firewood and coal.General product outer diameterof 50-80mm,aperture 15-20mm,a hollow quadranular or hexagonal prism.It can be used as fire wood with long time buring and it can be make into wood charcoal by carbonization furnace.

1) Control panel:

Three meters:Therometer,Voltmeter,Ammeter

Three main buttons:On,off,Rev,Urgent brake

Therometer(0-500°):adjust the surface carbonization of final rod.

Rev button:Under jam condition to press

2) Motor: AC motor   11-18.5Kw  380V  50Hz  power consumption<100kwh/t 

3) Power belt:4 combined quality belts  our OEM is durable

4) Material:Recommended Moisture:10%

Requested particle size≤ 6mm



5) Inlet:Put the material into the inlet

Automatic closed type conveyor is available : hnyxzg.en.alibaba.com

6) Vent:The final rod is hot with gas so this vent is necessary.

7) Outlet

The final rod will out here with the length you need.

We have many kind of forms: like hexagonal,quadrangular round.

 If you any special request,our engineer can adjust the pattern in advance.And it is easy to change pattern.

2.Advantage of briquette machine for coffee grounds

1).The design is reasonable,reliable quality,simple structure,easy operation,less landing,investment,labour,energy saving feature.Screw press wood charcoal briquette machine is popular by high efficiency and economic

2).The design of the automatic control of electric heating devices is helpful to randomly adjust the humidity of materials to ensure the material forming stable,improve work efficiency.

3).For a variety of biomass raw materials pressing,and energy consumption,high production efficiency.

3.Our feature of briquette machine 

1).The our screw press  bio machine  replaces the three bearings by four,increasing the stability and durablility of machine to reduce the abnormal sound during operation.

2).Improving the oil lubrication system from applying oil into oil bath.Mantaince is easier.

3).Increasing the pitch of main screw to change the feed rate,the output and the production rate is highly increased.

4).Improving the structure of the forming cylinder,reducing the mechanical friction with the material,increase the density of the final products

5).The key parts of the product with a wear-resisitant material with special treatment,it is possible to suppress the production of containuous and durable.

6).The pressure of 210 tons,1.4Mpa and make the density between 1.3-1.5ton/m3.


4. Raw Materials of briquette machine 

Jutestick,Sawdust, crop straw, wood branches, rice hull, bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, coconut shell, sunflower shell, furfural dregs, cotton stalks, corn stalks, sesame straw, corncob and so on.

4.Main Technical Parameters of briquette machine 

Model Capacity(kg/h)Heating ring(kw)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)


Diameter of final rod(mm)


5.The Produce Flow Chart of briquette machine

1) Step 1- Crushing: crush the raw materials into small pieces (around 3MM diameter) by wood crusher/Hammer Mill;


2) Step 2- Drying: dry the crushed materials by flash dryer to reduce the crushed material's moisture content below 12%;


3) ep 3- Briquetting: Put the dried materials into the briquette machine to make sawdust briquettes.

 4) Step 4- Carbonizing: Put finished sawdust briquettes into the Carbonization Stove to convert the sawdust briquettes into charcoal briquettes.