Particle Classification Comparison

Grain machine as is known to all, the two series, series of flat die and ring die series. On the series of ring should be familiar with, because in the feed of domestic and international numerous enterprise using the ring die machine. Do feed raw materials are concentrate, such as corn, soybean meal, cotton pulp, adhesion rate is high, equipped with steam conditioning before another granulating device, can advance to play the role of softening, curing materials, so as to better granulating, and increase the gloss of particles. But like a straw, wood chips, such as crude fibre, itself adhesion rate is low, Difficult to forming, and if as fuel particles, need density is very big, so need a lot of pressure to reach the density of particles, this aeriform in increasing the difficulty. Due to renewable energy is emerging in recent years, the market promotion for fuel particles by the ring die pelletizer is evolved by the ring die do feed machine, so there are still many disadvantages to improve.