KL300 series wood pellet machine spare parts -----------a set of roller and 6mm die

we are the laizhou chengda macinery co.,LTD .

we are the manufacturer of the wood pellet machine ,hammer mill,

wood chipper, wood crusher and so on.


we have the flat die wood pellet machine, KL120,KL150,KL200,KL230,KL260,KL300.KL360,KL400.

All these machine can make the wood pellet as well as the feed pellet.

we can supply all these machine spare parts for you , the spare parts such as roller, die(2.5MM,3MM,4MM,5MM,6MM,8MM,10MM), main shaft, roller bearing ,check ring, reducer, big and small gear and so on.


you can check the spare parts in details, please tell me the No. you need, and I will delivery the parts for you .

parts in details 1.


we are the manufacturer which specialize in the pellet machine design and produce.

if you have any question feel free to ask me.

as for the KL300 series spare parts roller and die pictures as the below pictures.

6mm die pictures as below: