How To Choose Wood Pellet Mill?

    Wood pellet machine is our new equipment (high efficiency particulate centrifugal machine), very few mature technology products, 24 hours of continuous production only our products can do, and our upcoming one week of production equipment, you take a look at a few more study compare, a good pellet mill must meet the following,

1, wood pellet machines for the production of process failure is lower,

2, wood pellet machine production per ton lower power consumption,

3, wood pellet machine mechanical pressing process will not damage the physical shape of the wood,

4, wood pellet machine smooth surface, the hardness is 1.1-1.3 tonnes / cubic meters.

    Wood pellet machine equipment-crushing, drying, granulation, cooling, sieving, packaging, computer-controlled automated production lines. Wood pellet production technology and production equipment, including raw materials, screening, grinding, drying, mixing, granulating, cooling, dust removal, packaging and other sectors, easy operation, stable performance and easy maintenance. The entire line high degree of automation, the device on the market, by the majority of customers use.