Discussion Fodder Production Of New Technology, Pellet Mill, New Equipment

   In recent years, the quick development of domestic feed industry lead to overcapacity, coupled with the macroeconomic situation and the consumer side of the market decline and other factors, making the animal feed industry, increasing competition, tough feed business operators or mergers and acquisitions, market capacity is getting smaller and smaller. In the face of today fewer people, intelligent, efficient feed production mode, if companies are still rest on its laurels, not to break the siege, looking for technology and differentiated devices, the implementation of intelligent machine instead of doing less and humanized, then businesses can not occupy a place in the competitive environment!

  The editor has been engaged in feed production work for some time, and now have the opportunity to participate in the Chinese media as the feed industry production management and process innovation forum organized by Jiang Zhengchang Group, has the responsibility and obligation to feed production technology and innovative equipment to share with you .