2016 Hot sale poultry feed pellet mill

Poultry feed pellet mill

Brief introduction for poultry feed pellet mill:

The poultry feed granulator is suitable for home using or small farm producing biomass pellet fuel or feed, 

it can be configured to diesel engine or electricity motor, it is mobile flexible and simple to operate, feed pellet size from 3mm to 10 mm applied to rabbit, fish, poultry, cow, horse and so on. 

Specifications for the poultry feed pellet mill:

ModelPowerCapacityPellet dia.N/G weightPacking sizeQty/20'/40'
KL120B2.2/3kw50-70kg/h2.5-10mm80/100kg75*31*62cm172/360 set
KL120C2.2/3kw50-70kg/h2.5-10mm80/100kg75*31*62cm172/360 set
KL150B4kw100-200kg/g2.5-10mm100/120kg77*34*68cm88/186 set
KL150C4kw100-200kg/h2.5-10mm100/120kg77*34*68cm88/186 set
KL200B7.5kw200-300kg/h2.5-10mm200/230kg100*45*93cm64/134 set
KL200C7.5kw200-300kg/h2.5-10mm200/230kg100*45*93cm64/134 set
KL230B11kw300-400kg/h2.5-10mm280/310kg115*50*97cm52/108 set
KL230C11kw300-400kg/h2.5-10mm280/310kg115*50*97cm52/108 set
KL260B15kw400-600kg/h2.5-10mm330/360kg120*50*103cm38/80 set
KL260C15kw400-600kg/h2.5-10mm330/360kg120*50*103cm38/80 set
KL300B22kw600-800k/h2.5-10mm430/470kg132*52*107cm36/76 set
KL300C22kw600-800kg/h2.5-10mm430/470kg132*52*107cm36/76 set
KL360C22kw700-900kg/h2.5-10mm470/500kg135*56*107cm32/66 set
KL400C30kw900-1100kg/h2.5-10mm630/680kg145*62*115cm16/32 set

Our service:

A. We provide 1 year guarantee.

B. We provide english manual and video for installation and operation. 

C. If needed, we could send technicians for installation and commissioning, free for train.

D. As 8/24 email and phone call service is available.

Pictures for machine and fair:

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