Ring Die Pellet Machine for Wood with New Technology

Description of wood pellet machine

wood pellet machine can produce the sphere pure organic fertilizer, biology organic fertilizer, wood pellets and pellets from biomass waste. Pellet even& smooth, intensity high and the fluidity is perfect.


Wood pellet machine: Complete low-temperature drying, cooling, screen the whole process for one time. wood pellet machine Invests few, consumption is low. Microorganism fungus survival rate>90%. MKL series efficient centrifugal wood pellet making machine is our initiative patented products in China through meticulousresearch and development.

Specification of wood pellet machine

ModelPowerCapacityPellet dia.WeightSize (cm)
HKL400-3737kw0.3-0.5 t/h4-12mm2.2 t130*100*230
HKL400-4545kw0.5-0.6 t/h4-12mm3.2 t163*100*240
HKL450-5590kw0.6-0.8t/h4-12mm4.1 t180*130*230
HKL450-75160kw0.8-1.1 t/h4-12mm4.5 t200*130*240
HKL450-90220kw1.2-1.5 t/h4-12mm5.2 t230*140*310

Pictures of the wood pellet machine