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 How To Make Wood Pellet 

As we know, the lack of energy is all over the whole  world's problem. and the Global warming, environmental pollution are 3 main  problem to all the countries and people.

what we can do for this problem?

first we can use another energy to replace the coal as heating . wood pellet as reproducible energy are welcomed by a lot of countries people. one side the wood is easy to get it . second the wood are much more cheaper than coal. third the wood pellet without any pollution while burnt.

so let me introduce how to make wood pellet .

first you need choose the suitable wood , red pine wood is the best choice. then white pine  wood , Poplar and so on wood both ok .

 after we choose the material , then we need choose the suitable machine to grind the wood into sawdust .

then you can choose our CF series hammer mill as your first tool. if you want to get more information on the hammer mill, you can email me . or add mine whatsapp:0086 15264530427. you also can check our product link 

hammer mill :

in this way you can grind the wood into sawdust, this is the first step.


then you can choose the pellet mill . put the sawdust into the pellet mill,you can get the wood pellet .

if you want to get more detailed information on the pellet mill , you can check the below link :

pellet mill


if you want to get the video how does the machine working, please email me or call me .