how to preserve feed pellet

how to preserve feed pellet

as usual we make feed pellet for animal feed. sometimes we will make a lot of feed pellet  one time.

such as we make 500kgs feed pellet, but per day the pig only need 2kgs a day (the medium  pig ). if you only has 100pieces pigs, per day it can consume 200kgs feed pellet . so the rest 300kgs feed pellet you must reserve for tomorow and the day before tomorrow.

how to preserve  the feed pellet ?

first you must make the feed pellet in common temputer. as usual the feed pellet come out from the pellet machine is very hot, the temperature can reach 70-80 degree, in this way, the feed pellet must be cool by the pellet cooler,  then you can load them into the bags and seal up to reserve.

if you don't have the pellet cooler, you can put the feed pellet in the ground,after the feed pellet cool by itself, you can reserve them .

the feed pellet can not keep more than 7 days . one hand  the Nutrition will be loss. for other hand, the taste isn't as good as the fresh . 

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