2016 Widely Used Sawdust Grinding Hammer Mill

Product introduction

Hammermill is the most ideal milling equipment of all kinds of wood piece, straw,

grass, stalk, tree branches, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scraps, corn stalk, peanut shell,

wheat stalk, wood fuel, cotton stalk, biomass shell and so on. 


ModelPowerCapacityN/G weightPacking sizeQty in 20' container
CF1582.2kw/3kw100-500 kg/h75/95 kg48*58*63 cm140 sets
CF198A7.5hp gasoline200-700 kg/h120/140 kg96*62*105 cm40 sets
CF198B4kw 380v200-700 kg/h120/140 kg90*58*102 cm46 stes
CF420A15hp diesel500-1200 kg/h330/360 kg147*73*109 cm20 sets
CF420A22hp diesel800-1600 kg/h350/390 kg147*74*111 cm20 sets
CF420B7.5kw 380v500-1200 kg/h300/320 kg112*82*107 cm24 sets
CF420C11kw 380v800-1600 kg/h330/360 kg113*75*108 cm26 sets
CF500A55hp diesel1000-3000 kg/h800/840 kg149*146*121 cm10 sets
CF500B22kw 380v1000-2500 kg/h600/630 kg124*97*106 cm18 sets
Pictures of hammer mill