1.5t/H Energy Biomass Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine


This HKL series high efficient centrifugal pellet mill is an ideal option for pellet making business, it can deal with most raw material, such as agro-forest wastes, agriculture waste, fruit shell, rank grass and any other wood waste.


The wood sawdust pellet machine can be widely used for wood chips, sawdust, stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shells, paper, rubber and so on. The density of pellets made by our pellet mill is around 1.0-1.4. There is no need to add any bond when pelletizing using our pellet mill.


The HKL series wood sawdust pellet machine have double layer die which lengthen the lifetime of the die a lot. It has advantages of both flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. They are the best choice of pellet mills for fuel pellets.

Technical Parameter:


ModelPowerCapacityPellet dia.N/G weightSize
HKL400-3737kw400-600 kg/h4-10 mm2.2 ton180*64*162 cm
HKL400-4545kw500-700 kg/h4-10 mm2.5 ton185*74*174 cm
HKL450-5555kw600-800 kg/h4-10 mm3 ton200*100*200 cm
HKL450-7575kw800-1200 kg/h4-10 mm3.2 ton200*100*200 cm
HKL450-9090kw1000-1500 kg/h4-10 mm3.5 ton220*120*230 cm

Pictures of pellet machine