Ce Approved Straw Hammer Mill Animal Feed Grain Crusher

Ce Approved Straw Hammer Mill Animal Feed Grain Crusher
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Introduction to CF500 Electric Hammer Mill Functioning

The hammer mill is fixed with an engine with a power of RP-driven all kinds of different power. Its working principle is: after the raw materials were put into crushing chamber, the high-speed operated hammer sheets will impact the raw materials over and over again, then the raw materials will be crushed into pre-set size step-by-step. The sieve have the following size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. Then the crushed materials will leak out from the sieve. The draught fan will convey the leaked materials into separator centrifuge. Finally, the powder will be discharged down.



Key Features of CF500 Hammer Mill

This CF500 hammer mill is newly developed machine which is endowed with many advantages compared to other kind of crushers such as simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving power consumption, and safe condition. It is suitable to crush raw and hard materials with big size such as tree branches, bamboo, wood scrap, wood brick,old cardboard and newspaper, straw, crop stalks and corn cobs and so on. After crushing, raw materials are uniform and with proper moisture content to meet further processing. With capacity 800-1100kg/h, it is can surely meet the production requirement in the farms, middle sized feeding factory or family.





Screen size 


N/G weight 


Packing size 




  1. With capacity 800-1100kg/h, this hammer mill can satisfy a large production demand on a daily basis.

2. The ability to change screen size and the option of a variable speed frequency drive control, enable processing a variety of materials using the same hammer mill.

3. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammers and screen.

4. The core part-the hammer flake is scientifically designed to have two concussion parts, thus when one part is worn out, you can turn over to use the other part.

5. The angle of the screen can be 180°which allows for high throughput at lower power consumption.

6. Equipped with air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to next machine for further processing.